Can A Debt Collector Show Up At Your Job?

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There’s no rule that debt collectors shouldn’t call you for the debts. But it’s your responsibility to give the reason to the concerned debt collector to not call you at your work.

Ways to stop a collection agent making inappropriate calls

If you are unable to pay the short term loans, you may fall in the case of default. Then there’s a probable chance your account may be sold to a collection agency and they take it over from there. They implement their own methods and calling you is one of those.

It may feel annoying to you to receive calls at inappropriate times from your debt collector. But, to their liking, they are not prevented to call or show up at your workplace. But, there’s one way to stop the collecting agents to disturb you at your workplace.

The main thing you have to do is to let them know the problem you face if they show up at your job. But if they do the same thing again, you can file a case in state or federal court. The laws of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) help you legally.

Let’s see the function of the FDCPA in detail:

Fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA) states that if any debt collector calls you even if you told them to stop, then the concerned agent will have to pay a $1000 for every action they do.

According to FDCPA, the definition of a collection agent is the person who has the main purpose of collecting debts or who regularly collect the debts or makes attempts to collect debts in a direct or indirect way. The debts may be of any form i.e., debts owed or debts owned by others.

Consult a local attorney for further legal assistance if any collection agent uses unfair practices for collecting the debt.

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