No. They won’t run your credit for a payday loan.

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Payday loans are definitely one of the best choices if you are desperate for some quick short cash for the purpose of emergencies, medicines etc. Nowadays, payday loan lenders don’t take the credit score into play while lending, unlike traditional lenders. But the daunting question is,

Definitely NO! The payday lenders won’t necessarily do much groundwork on your credit score as the loan you borrow is mostly between $100 to $1500. Instead of your credit rating, the lenders will check for your capability to pay back such as a steady job or another stable source of income. The minimum requirements of payday lenders are:

  • Age limit (you should exceed 18 years in order to be eligible for payday loans)
  • Should be the citizen of the United States and should possess an ID issued by the government
  • Have a steady job and source of income
  • Should have an active bank account

In the whole process, the payday lender has nothing to do with your credit report. This is really good news for you as your unaffected credit history is useful in case of you taking a loan for some big occasions like building a house or purchasing a car.

As the payday loans don’t need a credit check, by taking an installment loan, it will not affect your credit. Also, Cash advances are not secured by personal property. Hence, even if you can’t pay, the lender can’t seize your property.

But it need not hold true in every aspect. Your payday loans may not be shown on credit reports in the traditional three credit bureaus like Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. But the consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB) states that there are some reporting agencies that may collect the activity of your payday loans and the lenders may have access to that information. Hence, it’s important to pay the debt within the allotted time as it may cost your credit score big time.

Payday loan lenders give you the opportunity to extend the installments in case you can’t pay back on time. This will help you from not affecting your credit score even in unforeseen circumstances.

You might have gone through “no credit check payday loans” sort of titles in the websites of payday loan lenders. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that credit check doesn’t happen at all. But a mild check of credit score might happen. Hence, don’t always think that “no credit check” means they won’t run through your credit score. But, the overwhelming news for online payday advance seekers out there is that a hard check with one of the mentioned bureaus above may affect your credit score a bit. Mild credit checks don’t affect your credits. Besides, payday loan lenders give you the opportunity to take a higher amount of loan (irrespective of your previous credit score) only based on your last payback.

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