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Easy and Quick

Fill an effortless, secure and safe online form to get our payday loans of $100, $200, $500 up to $1500 for bad credit with no fax from legitimate direct lenders only. No application fees! Apply on weekends too!

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Fast Funds

Get instant guaranteed approval with affordable rates on our 24/7 online no credit check installment loans via direct deposit done same day or next business day. No third party, no teletrack involved.

Longer Term
Longer Term

Repay in flexible installments or next payday, and enjoy no prepayment cost any loan you take for personal use.

Being an trusted online loans Louisiana direct lender, we frequently hear the stories of our applicants who are going through unexpected costs and we try our best to help solve their financial emergencies that are causing the worry. While normal traditional lenders in Louisiana has worsened the borrowers’ situation because of their user-unfriendly terms and conditions, we have taken a stand to provide online payday loans Louisiana with the industry’s best terms on all levels.

Starting with our easy online application process, loan approval speed, rates, and repayment options, all steps are tailor-made for the worst-case scenarios and concentrate on serving your purpose. We make sure that you enjoy our smooth lending process with improved ease and simplicity.

Louisiana Payday Loans

You can take our personal cash advance whether you are trying to fix a household need, a health emergency, or preparing for an important night coming up! In fact, you are not even required to mention your reasons to us if you choose not to.

In addition, our bad credit loans Louisiana are quite popular among borrowers because of its easy availability and our empathetic attitude towards bad credit applicants. If you are a Louisiana resident looking for online payday loans , we welcome you to keep reading and learn more about how CashUSA247 can help you!

Online cash advance in Louisiana have been on the rise as lenders like CashUSA247 started providing instant access to funds in spite of the roadblocks which usually make it harder for applicants to get a cash in emergencies.

Providers of online payday loans Louisiana and other financial institutions use “credit check” to determine whether an applicant is eligible for their credit or not. When an individual has a high or excellent credit score, the lenders understand that the person is well capable of repaying the loan on time. However, if he or she has a low or no credit score, the lenders consider the applicant as being financially indisciplined and so not creditworthy.

But we at CashUSA247 not necessarily consider bad credit as to make someone un-creditworthy. We rather give our applicants the benefit of the doubt they deserve and only look for their ability to pay back the loan in flexible, regular installments.

In a few words, we don’t do hard credit checks that sabotage your chances of getting payday loans Lafayette, Shreveport, Sulphur, Laplace, Marrero, Monroe, Natchitoches, Denham Sprints, Opelousas or in any Louisiana city.

Our installment loans in Louisiana are unique in 3 ways. One, we have a whole range of flexible features that others do not offer. Two, our approval rates are at the industry high, as much as 95% or more! Third, our repayment terms have a unique approach to be customer-centric.

Unlike other providers of bad credit personal loans Louisiana, we offer the following unique set of features:

  • All our bad credit installment loans in Louisiana are paperless, fax less, and completely online.
  • We entertain no hidden fees and all the personal and financial information of our clients will be 100% secure with us.
  • At any cost, we do not share your info with any third parties and with credit reporting agencies.
  • You will be able to choose your loan amount and it can be anywhere between $100 to $1500.
  • High approval rates are guaranteed.
  • When it comes to repayment terms, you are not required to pay back on a single payday. Instead, you can spread the loan repayment over a set of installment sessions.

Moreover, if you are worried that you may not be able to adjust the funds for a few installments, you have the opportunity with us to optimize the number of installments as per your requirement. This automatically requires you to pay back a lesser amount on each installment session.

All you are required to get our bad credit payday loans Louisiana is to qualify for short eligibility criteria and apply right here on our website through a 2-minute application. The qualification requirements are as follows:

  • Every applicant must be a US citizen and must be over 18 years old
  • Applicants should possess a valid identity card such as a social security number (SSN).
  • Must have a regular source of income.
  • Each applicant should provide info on their checking bank account so as to facilitate the to and for transactions with us as their lender. Faster fund transfer and repayments require the applicant to have the bank account.
  • Applicants have to provide their residential address, phone number, email ID, and other such info for further communications.

If you are sure of your eligibility, just find the "Apply Now" button somewhere on this page, fill and submit the form that appears, wait for our fast approval, and enjoy the money in your bank account.

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