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Easy and Quick

Fill an effortless, secure and safe online form to get our payday loans of $100, $200, $500 up to $1500 for bad credit with no fax from legitimate direct lenders only. No application fees! Apply on weekends too!

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Fast Funds

Get instant guaranteed approval with affordable rates on our 24/7 online no credit check installment loans via direct deposit done same day or next business day. No third party, no teletrack involved.

Longer Term
Longer Term

Repay in flexible installments or next payday, and enjoy no prepayment cost any loan you take for personal use.

There are many mediums of availing a payday loan, you apply one through the website or you can physical visit a brick and mortar lender. Finding a third party lender is also an option but for that one would have to incur brokerage fees and hidden charges. Though the later one is hardly preferred by anyone because of the long lines, indefinite time and loads of paperwork. Online loans on the other hand is very popular among people looking for same day payday loans due to its easy application and approval procedure. Now, there is another mode of applying for a payday loan that is even much easier than online loans and way too more convenient. Tagged as easiest of all, payday loans over the phone on same day provide you assured secured transaction as well. Another obvious advantage of payday loans by phone from direct lender is their flexibility to be avail any time of the day or week. There can be internet glitches, due to which websites or online portals ceases to operate. Payday loans over the phone are free from any such hang-ups. Regarding security every bit of information you share, you can be completely assured of complete confidentiality with no third party interference.

Phone loans same day provide the cash instantly to you whenever you need. Once you submit the online application to us, we call you back. Discuss the loan terms in details and deposit the money in your account as soon as possible. Like online pay day loans phone loans are also instantly approved with electronic fund deposit on same day. You get to know within 1 hour how much you are approved for and get the cash deposited in the account within the same day.

payday loans over the phone

Responsible online lenders like us aim to provide you with the ultimate mobility in borrowing experience, irrespective of your credit score. At CashUSA247 all that matters to us is your loan repayment capability, hence we provide loans over the phone with no credit check. As a matter of fact, our loans over the phone with no credit check has such a fast application and funding process operates as below described:-

  • Loan request over phone – After loan request submission, a representative will call you back, collecting your detailed information, completing the whole application procedure.
  • Receive Instant Loan decision – On receipt of loan application we will contact you and will take the proceedings further.
  • Get the cash – The funds you are seeking will be deposited to your referred bank account electronically. You will be able to utilize your instant money on the same day.

At CashUSA247 we always try to provide you an immediate payday loan over the phone which will always saved in emergencies. Moreover our phone loan also have easy and flexible repayment scheme either you can pay in next payday or you can pay in installments. However, to apply for a loan over the phone with bad credit you must keep the following things handy:-

  • A US citizenship proof to show you that your age is 18+.
  • A steady and trusted source of income.
  • A bank account with proper details
  • Authentic contact details both a phone number and email id.

So if urgent expenses are knocking your door, get our quick loans over the phone and get cash ready instantly. With us there is no rush, no long queues and no rejection. We understand that when an individual seeks for loans over phone then he is in serious financial hardships. Our loan by phone are hence very transparent with immediate pay-out so that emergency situation can be solved as easily as possible. So what are you waiting for, apply a loan by phone from CashUSA247 sitting in the comfort of your home.