What Are The Three C’s Of Credit?

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The three C’s of credit are the references where lenders determine whether you are eligible for a loan.

You must have wondered how banks and other financial lenders determine whether you are fit for a loan or not. Well, if you think that they are looking at your credit score to come to a conclusion. Yes, they are.

The credit report, in fact, was a complex formula and it takes many factors into account like your income, how you repaid previous loans, your debt history, etc.

These whole factors were grouped into a simple equation and it is followed by many banks and lenders. It’s called the 3C’s of credit.

So far, so good. But what are the 3C’s in determining your credit?

Capital, in 3C’s, will determine the amount of the loan you are eligible to get. The lenders also look at your personal properties like house, land or savings which you can make use of when you fail to repay the debt.

Generally, the questions that can be asked regarding capital are

Do you possess a valid bank savings account?

What are the properties you own in order to secure the loan?

Do you have any investments to use as an alternative?

You have to satisfy these requirements to get the loan process ahead.

Your capacity to repay the loan is the most important part of this factor. In this process, they will review your financial status and come to a conclusion.

If you have previous loans and you have repaid them at the right time, then it makes a big positive for your credit report. The general queries you may face while undergoing this process are

Do you have a permanent job or a steady source of income?

How much do you spend for a living?

Do you have any previous unpaid loans?

How many people depend on your pay?

Character doesn’t mean your persona. It does mean the debt history you previously have. It does also show how you handle the financial crisis. Paying your bills, loans on time and your honesty towards your creditor proves that how worth a person you are, to take a loan.

These questions may be posed by the creditors to determine the true character in you.

Do you have the habit of paying your bills on time?

The time span since you’ve been living at your present address?

How long you’re doing your present job?

Have you repaid any previous loans on time?

So, these 3C’s are important if you seek for traditional loans. Not only this, but you also you have to undergo a long hectic process to qualify for your loan. Whereas payday loans are more reliable and speedy approval and they’re very convenient to apply.

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